Travelling Light


Learning to fish with my dad

This website is an area for me to gather together my genealogy and the heaps of photographs I have amassed over the years from my extensive travels around the world.

It is also a place with links to websites I find useful, interesting or just websites that are good for wasting time. I will be trying to update it as often as possible until I get it right so if you know me keep checking back from time to time. If you are looking for family ties in the genealogy section then this will definitely be an ongoing process.

I am tracing the Martin & Martain family from Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Whiteinch and now  in Pennsylvania, Dewars from Glasgow, Blairs from Greenock, Gourock, Glasgow, Stewarts from Sarclet in Caithness, Stirlingshire, Glasgow, Australia and South Africa amongst others including Pow, Proudfoot, Nilson, & McFarlane.

Why Rainstorms? Well although it matches the climate where I live, it is really because it is an anagram of my name. 

Hit the links, top right, to navigate in the direction of your choice. If you have something to add then email me via the form on the right.