William Blair  (click here for photo)

The only child of John Blair and Mary Stewart was born in 1899 at Haldane Street in Whiteinch. He married Williamina Dewar in 1921 in Glasgow. William was an Engineering Draughtsman by trade and during his life was the national President of the Association of  Engineering & Shipbuilding Draughtsmen (AESD). He died in Glasgow in 1957 and his ashes we scattered on his parents grave in Braco Cemetery in Perthshire.

He was father to six children,  John, Margaret, Sheila, Morag, Eileen & Dorothy.

John Blair (click here for photo)

was born in Anderson, Glasgow in 1868, but after the death of his father in 1873 his mother took him and his brothers to live with her family in Braco, Perthshire. His mother died the following year. By trade he was a joiner & carpenter and was married in Edinburgh in 1899 to Mary Stewart. He moved to Glasgow to live and work after he was married and had one son called William. John & Mary retired to Braco after the war which is where they were both buried. 

They had one child, William.

William Blair 

was born in Greenock in 1844. He worked as a jobbing smith or blacksmith after moving to Glasgow with his family when he was a child. William was married to Mary Ann Taylor in Glasgow in 1868 and had three children. Both William and Mary died of Pthisis in 1873 & 1874 respectively orphaning their three children John, William and Peter.

John Blair 

was born in 1822 in Greenock on the river Clyde.  He was a seaman and ships pilot. John was married in Greenock in 1847 to Isabella McCulloch. They had five children William, Annabella, John McMillan, David and Annabella. He died between 1851 abd 1855 but as yet I have been unable to locate a record of his death.

John Blair 

was born around 1800. He was married to Agnes Thomson, but I have been unable to find any record. I only know of two children they had baptised called Duncan and John. It is stated on John's baptism record that his occupation was a painter.