Williamina Dewar, my grandmother, was born in 1903 in Glasgow. She was married in 1921 in Glasgow to William Blair.

The couple had six children, John, Margaret, Sheila, Morag, Eileen & Dorothy.

William Dewar (click for image

was born in the Russian town of Alexandroffsky in St.Petersburgh in 1871 to Scottish parents. He returned to Glasgow a few years later and became an Iron Moulder like his father. William married in Glasgow in 1899 to Margaret Kirkwood Thomson and had three daughters Williamina, Margaret McFarlane and Isabella Kirkwood.

James Dewar 

was born in Edinburgh in 1841. He became a Iron Moulder and was married in Glasgow in 1863 to Isabella McFarlane from South Knappdale in Argyll. They moved to live in the Russian town of Alexandroffsky in St.Petersburg around 1865 and had three children born there. They returned to live in Glasgow with a brief spell in Birmingham for a few years. They had eight children, Agnes Thomson, James, Archibald, James D., William, John, Peter and Alexander 

James Dewar 

was born in Edinburgh in1814 and was married to Agnes Thomson in Leith in 1837. The couple moved to live in Glasgow where James became a Master Iron Founder or Moulder.

They had seven children, Jane, James, Ann, Archibald, William, Alexander and Peter.

Thomas Dewar 

was born around 1790 and was married in 1811 to Elizabeth Young in Dalserf, Lanarkshire. Thomas was a gardener and lived in Edinburgh. He had six children, Mary, James, Adam, Thomas, John and William.