I have researched my family history on and off for many years. Over that time I have collected a lot of data but very few links to living relatives, except the Martins in Australia and more recently my newly discovered Martin relatives in Pennsylvania. My ancestors were all from Scotland but managed to spread out across the globe. I have found them in Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Canada, United States, New Zealand and even into Russia. 

The main names are Martin, Blair, Dewar, Proudfoot and Stewart.

Have a look through at your leisure and see if you can connect to any of my family.

If you do have any connections or need more information contact me via the homepage. (email form here)

My Ancestors leading back to the 17th century

These families came from Caithness, Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Renfrewshire and Argyllshire

Going back for 10 generations

It's too small I know but I am working on it. This goes back 10 generations. Try saving it to your computer and then using the zoom from your own imaging program.

The families

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Family photographs here



This is my direct paternal lineage through the Martin family history. 

James Martin b1903 Married Barbara Robertson Proudfoot

Alexander Martin b1868    Married Janet Pow 

Ebenezer B. Martin b1841 Married Mary-Ann Munro    

Alexander Martin b1800 Married Jane McClelland Chalmers

William Martin b1762 Married Helen Nilson

James Martain b1733 Married Elizabeth Provan

William Martain b1700abt Married Unknown

This is my direct lineage though the Blair line

William Blair b1899 Married Williamina Dewar

John Blair b1868 Married Mary Stewart

William Blair b1844 Married Mary Ann Taylor

John Blair b1822 Married Isabella McCulloch

John Blair b1800abt Married Agnes Thomson

This is my direct lineage through the Dewar line

Williamina Dewar b1903 Married William Blair

William Dewar b1871 Married Margaret Kirkwood Thomson

James Dewar b1841 Married Isabella McFarlane

James Dewar b1814 Married Agnes Thomson