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James Martin (Click here for photo)

was born in 1903 at Oswald Street in Whiteinch. He was married to Barbara Robertson Proudfoot in 1928 in Glasgow. James worked as a carpenter & joiner in the shipyards of John Browns until he was disabled in an accident on a ships gangway in 1942 after which he was unable to work again. He died in 1952.

He had two children, Elizabeth and James

Alexander Martin (Click here for photo)

was born in 1868 in Springburn, Glasgow. He was married to Janet Pow in 1892 in Torpichen, Linlithgow. Alexander was a professional Iron Turner and was active in the shipping unions of the day. After his wife’s death in 1924 Alexander remarried to Armour Hamilton Blair in 1929. He died in 1930 in Whiteinch. Alexander and Janet are both buried in New Kilpatrick Cemetery.

He had seven children Janet Neilson, Mary Munro, Catherine, Jeannie Bell, Isabella, James & Jack

Ebenezer Bow Martin (Click here for photo)

was born in 1841 in Fintry in Stirlingshire. He is named after his father’s employer, the landowner and Magistrate Ebenezer Bow of Smallburn in Kippen. His family moved to Lennoxtown a few years later to Clochore Cottage. He moved to Springburn and married Mary-Ann Munro there in 1868. He worked in Cowlairs building locomotives and had several job titles including Boiler Maker, Engine Fitter & Carriage Fitter. He travelled to Rhode Island, USA with his family in 1870’s and three of his children were born there. He returned to Scotland around 1779.

He had seven children Alexander, Isabella, Mary-Ann, Ebenezer, Jane, Janet & William.

Alexander Martin was born in Kirkintilloch in1800.  He was married to Jane McClelland Chalmers in the Stirlingshire village of Fintry. See the church record here. They lived in a house in Randieford, which is now under the Carron Valley Reservoir. He spent the rest of his life living in Lennoxtown. 

He had six children Helen, William, James, Ebenezer Bow, James & Alexander.

See this family's census records from 1841 until 1891 

William Martin was born in 1762 in Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire. He married Helen Nilson around 1788. He was a carter or carrier.

He had six children, James, Helen, Elizabeth, Thomas, William and Alexander.

James Martain (note the spelling) was born about 1733. He was  married to Elizabeth Provan in 1753 in Dundaff, St.Ninians in Stirlingshire. They had eight children, Helen, Jean, Helen, William, James, Elizabeth, Robert and Jean. 

*Note – if a child died it was common to name the next child after them, hence the two Helens and two Jeans.

William Martain is mentioned on the record of marriage of his son James (above) as being deceased in 1753. It is the only record I have of his so far. The record states he was from Kirkintilloch.