William Blair 

my grandfather was born 1899 in Whiteinch. He was married to married Williamina Dewar in Glasgow in 1921. William Blair was an Engineering draughtsman. 

He had six children John Dewar, Margaret Stewart, Sheila, Morag McFarlane, Eileen Ann Hope, Dorothy Dewar.

Mary Stewart 

was born in 1871 in the small Caithness village of Sarlcet near Wick. She was sent away from there at the age of 13 to work in Airthrey Castle (now on Stirling University grounds) She remained there until her marriage to John Blair in 1899 in Edinburgh. They then moved to Glasgow. Mary’s sibling moved far and wide to Canada, Australia and South Africa.

She had one son, William.

Neil Stewart 

was born in 1828 in Thrumster, Caithness, just south of Wick. He was a fisherman and a crofter in the village of Sarclet. He was married to Elizabeth Downie from Wick in 1852. Neil had a fishing boat, which was called Sweetpea and registered WK12.

He had a large family of 12 children, Ann, Isabella, George, Margaret, Jane, Grace Livingston, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Neil, Alexander and Helen

William Stewart 

was born in 1805 in Wick in Caithness. He was a fisherman and a farmer. William was married to Isabella Miller who was also from Wick and that was where they were married in 1828.

They had five children, Neil, Isabel, Margaret, Jean and William

Neil Stewart (or Niel as it is often spelled) 

was born in 1769 in  Blengerry, Caithness. He was married in 1804 in Thrumster, Caithness to Margaret Sinclair of Canisbay near John O’Groats.

The couple had four children I know of, William, James, Alex and Peter.

William Stewart 

was born in around 1730 I believe in Caithness. He was married Christine McLeod in 1753. 

I know of four of their children but there may be more. They were Janet, James, John and Neil (or Niel as it is often spelled)